8 trends to “future-proof” your warehouse (Part 1 of 2)

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The industrial and logistics industry is under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver higher levels of customer service. It’s important to consider implementing better ways of doing things to improve productivity and scalability. Understanding the current trends in the industry is fundamental to the success of your operation.

Trends like e-commerce, robotics, energy efficiency, mobility and labour forces are causing major shifts in how warehouses are being run and developed. Retailers and customers are pushing more services such as manufacturing, packaging and printing into warehouses.

Trend 1 – Your warehouse management system

This system should be in place to control the stock levels and movement within your facility. It should assist in optimizing operations such as picking, packaging, shipping and receiving. A warehouse management system can help with the following:

  • Better inventory management and visibility
  • Reduced warehouse labour costs
  • Lower shipping  costs
  • Increased productivity and pick speed
  • Reduced picking and shipping errors
  • Optimized warehouse space

Trend 2 – Your staff complement

In order to be effective, you rely heavily on your staff. Therefore you should be attracting and retaining talent. Cross-training employees in warehouse operations is also valuable as this provides a flexible and scalable workforce that can better manage growth and change. Creating a pleasant working environment can prove valuable in maintaining staff positivity.

Trend 3 – Value Added Services

Warehouses are being requested by retailers and manufacturers to take on more activities such as packaging, labelling, product configuration, etc. Incorporating more value added services can offer new avenues of doing business.

Trend 4 – Higher Ceilings

The need to accomodate more products and maximize space is becoming important for increasing turnover. In order to store more products, warehouses can improve their capacity by building upwards. Better racking technology can increase the ability to store more products and this is one way for cost effective building in future.

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