Ever wondered what Joburg looked like a century ago?

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The area was first populated by the San, followed by those from Sotho and Tswana tribes whose kingdoms stretched from Botswana, to Lesotho and the Pedi areas in the north. Many of the villages were destroyed during the Mfecane wars.

The area's identity changed with the discovery of gold in the late 1800s. Since then, Johannesburg has been shaped by mass migration and political developments.

Many came to the City of Gold in search of riches. As a result, people of many nationalities came to live together. Government-enforced separation followed. 

The South-western Township (Soweto) was founded on the Klipspruit and Diepkloof farms in the early 1800 to early 1900s.

Black people were allowed to buy property in Sophiatown, which was established in 1903, as well as in Alexandra, built in 1912, and Soweto. 

Originally part of the Waterfall Farm, it was bought by Hermann Tobiansky and named after his wife, Sophia in 1897. Toby, Gerty, Bertha and Victoria streets are named after his children.

In 1955, thousands of black people were forcibly moved from Sophiatown to Meadowlands in Soweto. 

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Author: Bombi Mavundza

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