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At Find A Warehouse, we are driven by your individual business needs. One of the most important factors for us as a business, if not the most important, is to understand your full requirements and what you need in the warehousing industry. In order for us to find you a warehouse with all the correct and suitable specifications, we make it our business to understand yours, so we are able to get you the very best warehouse in South Africa.

Renting or Buying a Warehouse in South Africa

Before embarking on occupying warehouse space, a major question to ask yourself is, “Should I purchase or rent the property?” When a business is undergoing such decisions, in our experience, you need to consider a few factors of your warehousing needs. What size, what type and what location are immediate factors to be discussed.

Three main factors to consider when making this choice are:

·         Capital: Can your business afford to buy? Would it make more financial sense to incorporate rent into your monthly budget until you are able to purchase property?

·         Expansion: Is your business looking to expand within the next few months? Will space rented initially be enough, or will you need more space in the interim?

·         Cost: Owning a warehouse will have a lower annual cost but industrial space purchase will be determined upon whether your can afford it or not and what the long term investment is for your businesses success.

Unique Warehousing Customization

Each and every business is unique. Therefore, the requirements are different for each client we work with. Some may be satisfied with existing properties we have, others might not. At Find A Warehouse, we are able to customize warehouses for your individual needs. When investing in industrial warehouse space, your warehouse should accommodate and encourage productivity and maximum profits. Whether you need mezzanine flooring for maximum storage facilities, more lighting, segmentation or inventory, Find A Warehouse accommodates such changes and will aid you in achieving your ideal warehouse in South Africa.

Energy Efficient Warehousing Space

More and more, businesses are becoming conscious of the environment and the carbon footprint they leave behind. In industrial areas specifically, businesses need to be more conscious about the impact they are leaving on the environment. At Find A Warehouse we do have energy efficient warehouses for rent or for sale.

Some of the factors we incorporate in our energy efficient warehouses are:

·         Solar geysers

·         Energy efficient air conditioning

·         Translucent sheeting

·         Energy saving lightening

·         Insulation

Find A Warehouse charges no commission fees for your convenience. Further aiding you in saving money and ensuring the best for your business.

If you are looking for warehousing space in South Africa, contact us today!

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