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What we do

The Find A Warehouse team specializes in finding solutions for your company’s space needs.  Sometimes this process involves the development of a new building.  Please see our article “Tips for building a warehouse” and “Unique Warehouse Customizations”

Out team

If you decide to build, Find A Warehouse has a great team including members who have been involved in the property development sector for over 15 years, with specific and extensive experience in warehouse and office developments.

Why we do it

We have many satisfied clients who are delighted to have finally found the space that properly suits their business. This always improves productivity and staff morale, and drives the growth, success, and profitability of the company. The development process is an exciting and rewarding one!

What are the main steps in the development process?

  1. Understanding your requirements - We sit down with you to gain an in depth understanding of your business and your requirements in terms of space and location.
  2. Ensuring that the property you are looking for is ideally suited to your business  - We consult with our professional team of brokers and spend an extensive amount of time ensuring that the space you are looking for is ideally suited to your business. This is a very important part of the process as it will ensure efficiencies and cost savings.
  3. Sourcing the correct land for your new building - Once the required building size and location have been decided on, we use our comprehensive stock database and network to find the right land. We arrange site visits for you and your team, and come to an agreement on a final site for the new building.
  4. Purchasing the land - The purchase of land is a very risky process and we always ensure that proper due diligence is completed before any commitments are made.
  5. Designing the building - Our professional team will then do a specific design on the land, and this will be presented to you for sign off.
  6. Construction and cost analysis - After the design has been completed and agreed on, we do a full construction cost analysis.
  7. Proposing a lease - Based on the cost, a lease is proposed.
  8. Construction commences - Once the lease has been agreed on and signed, construction commences on site.  This is always an exciting time - seeing your vision coming to life!  You are invited to the site meetings and we involve you in the entire construction process, to whatever level you are interested.
  9. You take occupation - All that is left then is for you to move into your new building and grow your business!

What are our current developments?

We are currently marketing  Aero Park – a 7880m² industrial park in Lanseria Corporate Estate, Gauteng.

We have recently completed a development deal with Amrod in Midrand for 37,000m².

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will meet with you today! 

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