Regular warehouse inspections are important

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Today, companies are working harder than ever to ensure that they deliver quality goods and services in order to increase sales and retain existing clients. Warehouse owners and managers are overseeing the suppliers, inventory, distribution as well as the health and safety of the warehouse itself. Companies within the logistics industry need to ensure that their warehouses are functioning efficiently, cost effectively and safely. Warehouses must comply with regulations regarding zoning, drainage and other socio-environmental factors.

A warehouse is not a playground. But it should be just as safe. In order to ensure that your warehouse is functioning at the best possible level, it is vital to ensure that you are carrying out regular health and safety checks. These audits can be done by qualified individuals within the company or by outside consultants. A monthly audit and check is important and the value of these inspections need to be communicated to your staff so that they can assist with making improvements and carrying out the correct procedures.

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous as there are many potential hazards, if not regularly monitored and remedied. Over stacking can lead to falling of stock on an employee, and uncleanliness can lead to slippery floors and contamination. Is your fire prevention equipment easily accessible and in working order? Inspectors can point out all these potential risks. Regular inspections and audits also give you a score to keep track of and measure yourself against.

Areas that should be inspected and assessed are all internal and external areas, equipment, processes, housekeeping, as well as health and safety aspects. If you are storing perishable goods for human consumption, or toxic and poisonous chemicals, then these premises may need to be inspected more regularly.

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