Solar Powered Warehouses

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One of the inescapable realities of doing business in South Africa is the substantial cost of electricity. We have seen over the last few years that the cost has increased at a rapid rate and the supply has become less reliable especially in winter. 

A simple proven technology can substantially reduce electricity cost to a business. The concept of companies complete electricity needs being met by solar power may seem too good to be true, however solar energy should be considered by all companies.

Think of what we have in South Africa.

  • We have an abundance of sunshine.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly and a great natural sustainable energy source.
  • The power supply is not always reliable
  • The cost of electricity keeps increasing

Warehouses are perfect structures for solar power with the large roof surface areas making it easy to place solar panels. There is a perception that costs are high and that the initial capital outlay may be substantial, it is important to note that these systems may pay for themselves in 2 to 3 years. The technology is well developed, and although these systems work best in direct sunlight they can also generate power in cloudy weather.

The system will feed power directly to the building and are most efficient for businesses that use power during the day. No batteries are required and no storage of electricity is required. Soon excess power will be fed back into the power grid on a reverse meter system; this could provide electricity credits for a business on days when power is not required, such as weekends and public holidays.

SARS have also introduced an incentive for companies who invest in sustainable energy. The incentive allows for the depreciation of the cost over three years at a ratio of 50/30/20 making this more attractive for a business.

For more information about solar power for your business or if you are looking for warehouse space please contact one of our branches.

Author: Melissa

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