The Warehouse Checklist

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There is enormous pressure on corporate supply chains.  A minor glitch has the potential to severely impact productivity and the business overall.  In order to minimise these glitches and increase production, having the right warehousing space is a priority.

General aspects to consider:

  • General location
  • Access to highways and main roads
  • Truck access
  • Trailer storage
  • Size
  • Flow
  • Layout
  • Cubic capacity

Marketplace aspects to consider:

There are three further market-related aspects that should be carefully considered when you are in the market for warehousing space.

  • Consider the market (is it better to buy or rent?)
  • Compare the total costs within various areas
  • Find the right property agent

Looking for warehousing space need not be a lengthy ordeal, however, it is important to ensure that you assess the critical elements within the space.  By having the right warehousing team on your side, you will certainly get a head start in finding the right warehouse to rent or buy.

Don't miss these important aspects either:

Although the face value of the industrial property you are interested in might meet your specs, it is important to dig a bit deeper.

  • Understand flow and utilisation
  • Consider how adding storage will affect current space
  • Evaluate the space as if it were at full capacity
  • Consider if there are any physical elements that need amending
  • Consider how to best utilise available space
  • Decide if off- site storage space is required
  • Go through the shipping and receiving process to establish if there is enough space available

These are all questions and points that should be raised when making use of an experienced warehousing sourcing team.  Regardless of whether you are wishing to buy or rent the premises, your unique requirements need to be met.

Find A Warehouse will ensure you don't miss a thing

With both years of experience as well as established and thriving relationships with the right people in the industry, Find A Warehouse is positioned to ensure that you get the warehousing space that is best suited to you and your specs.

Purchasing, renting or developing, we do it all so that you don’t have to.

I have found the right place, but there are adjustments to be made, what now?

Regardless of whether you are renting or buying, our warehousing development experts will manage the intricacies of making the necessary adjustments, as well as the documentation and the various stages of design, construction, remodelling or renovating existing space. 

Contact us directly for more warehousing information.

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