Tips for building a warehouse

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Are you building a warehouse or contemplating building one to suit your specific needs? Often when looking for warehouse space, it can be difficult to find a space that meets all our requirements. This often leads us to contemplate building our own warehouse as we are able to specify exactly what we need. If you’re in the planning process, below are some ideas to consider.


When planning entry and exit points consider how many doorways you will need, the size and location in the building. Having a sufficient number of doorways that are wide enough for forklifts to fit through is essential to picking and packing. You want to create an easy flow of traffic between machinery and staff to optimise your operation.

Health & Safety

Planning all your health and safety measures in advance can save you from implementing them later on when space may not allow for it. Consult a health and safety office to advise you on all the necessary safety points and checks that you will require in your warehouse.

Rack Design

Consider what goods you will be storing and how much stock you intend on carrying. Different types of good need different storage methods. Some goods may be taller than others and some goods may be small and not need large rack space. Store your high selling goods closer to the packing area to make picking time shorter.


Are you going to use automation in your warehouse? Is it something that you eventually want to employ? Consider planning ahead for the use of technology even though you may not be using it initially.

Energy Efficiency

Plan to include energy efficient design and features to lower the cost of your day to day operating expenses. When running a large warehouse, energy costs can be very high and thus it is important to consider reducing these costs from the start.

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