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The location of warehousing is a big factor in the industrial sector.  Finding the correct location for your business and paying attention to the advantages of certain areas is imperative.  For example, if you are constantly getting truck deliveries, your warehouse should have suitable access to the main roads and highways.  Below you will find a list of Gauteng’s most prominent industrial areas, along with the advantages thereof.


Midrand has in the past been seen as a second choice when it came to finding industrial locations to rent or buy in Gauteng.  Traditionally, mini industrial units were seen around the older areas such as off the Allandale off-ramp.  Larger warehouse space was found more towards the north near New Road.  However with the renovation and upgrade of the Allandale off-ramp, this location has upped its game in the stakes and is now considered a prime industrial business area! Other reasons why one should consider Midrand as an industrial location is that the Gautrain runs directly through it, making it ideal for employees to access.  Further, with lesser traffic congestion deliveries can run more smoothly and timeously.

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Kya Sand

Located north of Witkoppen Road, this industrial section of Johannesburg is an already established industrial node.  Kya Sand has a large number of secure industrial complexes catering to users looking for premises of 350m2 to 2000m2.  With its high standard of warehousing and easy access to important roads, Kya Sands is a much sought after industrial area in Gauteng.

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Pomona runs adjacent to the OR Tambo International Airport and is located in one of the best positions for warehouse-related businesses.  Situated along the R21 highway, there is easy access to Pretoria, the N12 highway and the N3 toward Johannesburg.  Despite loads of developments, Pomona remains relatively uncongested, making it an ideal location where warehouses can receive many deliveries.

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At Find A Warehouse we make it our business to ensure you are situated in an area most suited and advantageous to your business.  With a wide range of warehouses for sale and to rent in all these areas, we have your warehousing solution waiting.

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