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Your business has a unique concept, from products to employees and systems. There are always characteristics to set you apart and give you the competitive edge – and so your warehouse space should be customised to accommodate your productivity needs.

Customising your Warehouse Space

Whether you are looking to rent a warehouse or buy commercial warehouse space, you want the layout of your warehouse to optimise productivity. An inefficient layout of your warehouse space can have a negative effect on your business with issues such as inventory control, errors in shipping and safety risks. To avoid this decrease in productivity, it is important that you make use of your warehouse space fully. You want everything to be accessible and in the right location in order for your staff to carry out their duties effectively.

Ways to Build Your Unique Warehouse

  1. Up-size your receiving area - the receiving area in your commercial warehouse space is probably the most important area to focus on. Ensure that all your staff have adequate space to carry out necessary activities such as counting items and breaking down pallets. The more space they have, the more efficiently the job gets done.
  2. Segmentation - warehouse activity is fast and dynamic, making it necessary to create segments in the warehouse space that are well defined. Effective ways to segment would be to keep returned products separated from new stock. This way, returned products are not mistaken for stock. Shipping and receiving areas should also be located in different areas of the warehouse space, avoiding improper staging of freight merchandise.
  3. Inventory - design your warehouse so that inventory does not need to be moved more than once. Moving stock often takes time and should not be necessary when managing your warehouse productivity.
  4. Energy efficient lighting - lighting makes up approximately 40% of the energy costs of a warehouse. It is therefore important for you to use energy efficient lights with a long lifespan. Long lifespan lighting also reduces your maintenance costs, and you could save a significant amount with LED technology.
  5. Eco-conscious insulation - if your industrial warehouse has non-energy efficient insulation, your heating costs are likely to be very high. You can easily avoid this and save costs by applying different types of insulation. Insulation can be done through the roof, wall, floor and windows.
  6. Green energy - there are a number of unique aspects you can add to your warehouse in order to save money and be environmentally friendly. Solar panels in the flat roofs of your warehouse, as well as solar geysers,  assist with saving energy throughout your commercial warehouse space.

Whether you are looking for a warehouse to rent or buy, Find A Warehouse assists with creating your unique space. The goal is to customise your warehouse to optimise all warehousing functions, achieve maximum efficiency and space utilisation.

Contact Find A Warehouse for more information on your customised warehousing solution.

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