What you can do with a warehouse!

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A warehouse is blank canvas. Industrial property is usually readily available and reasonably priced. Building a warehouse is quicker and more affordable than most commercial property. The area space is more versatile due to large open spaces and high ceilings.

There are many potential uses for a warehouse

  • Art gallery – place art display boards throughout the warehouse to corner sections off for a sculpture area, art workshops as well as a coffee shop.
  • Warehouse turned into office building
  • Sports and fitness facility – you can create a cross-fit work out space or create turf fields for hockey, soccer or cricket.
  • Event space – use the entire space for tables and chairs, incorporate a cornered off kitchen area. Include a bar and a dance floor.
  • Storage
  • School space

Four advantages of re-purposing warehouse space

  1. Often warehouses are priced well in areas that manufacturing and industry are no longer taking place.
  2. Easily adaptable – due to the large open floor spaces, a warehouse is easily divisible into a variety of uses.
  3. Lots of potential space – due to the high ceilings, landings and mezzanines can easily be built. You can easily double your space by building in an extra floor.
  4. Flexible zoning – usually re-zoning is not a problem. Applying for re-zoning may take some time however, so knowing your purpose and applying early in the renovation process is a good idea.

Risks of re-purposing warehouse space

  1. The areas where well-priced warehouses are available may not necessarily be ideal for your intended target market. An unattractive exterior may also be off putting to potential clients.
  2. If there are still other operational industrial warehouses and factories close by, this could be noisy and unsightly.
  3. Location may be further away from major transport nodes and could be out the way of potential clients.
  4. There can be challenges with renovations as plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems may need to be installed or replaced.
  5. Warehouses can also pose an environmental risk depending on how and when they were constructed.

Before deciding to take on a warehouse renovation as described above, the potential buyer or lessee should weigh up all the options. When attempting to search for a suitable warehouse, our brokers are available to assist you with all the necessary info required to help you make an informed decision. Contact one of our nationwide branches today to get in contact with a broker in your area.

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