Warehouse rental is usually the more popular warehousing occupancy option for many industrial companies. Regardless of the type or size of warehouse space that is required, rental is a more flexible option for businesses, as it does not tie them down to long- term leases. However companies that need to find industrial property to let for months or even years at a time, will be able to do so without any hassle.

Find A Warehouse offers a plethora of energy efficient warehouse rental options in various areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria,  KZN and Cape Town. Companies that wish to rent a warehouse, often have specific requirements. We understand that your business has unique needs and whether these include lighting, docking bays, office spaces, highway and main road access or parking, our warehouse rental team will find the most suitable industrial space for you. 

The benefits of renting a warehouse:

Financial Commitment - Leases can be as short as 3 years with small deposits resulting in a much smaller overall financial commitment that would be required when purchasing a warehouse.

Financial Consistency - Although leases escalate annually, these costs are all known up front so extra expenses such as increases in interest rates, or unplanned maintenance will therefore have no  impact on the monthly costs.

Flexibility - Renting allows for future expansion or down scaling of the business when your lease comes to an end. You have the flexibility to move to a larger, or smaller space if need be.

Maintenance - When renting you save costs on maintenance and other property related expenses that are usually for the owners account. This can be beneficial especially when it is unplanned maintenance.

Property Management - Business owners can focus on running the business and not have to worry about property management issues or employing an additional property maintenance manager.

Working Capital - Purchasing a warehouse will tie up a lot of cash in your repayments, that may be more effectively used by the business for working capital in other profitable areas.

Contact us to assist you in the renting process and let’s find the right warehouse for you!