Renting, buying or custom building developing a warehouse offers you the chance to find the industrial space that best suits your unique requirements. In order to assist our clients in finding the warehouse space that meets these needs, and as part of our warehousing services, we work closely with tenants and buyers so as to provide the right warehouse, the energy efficient way. Whether your business requires industrial space in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KZN or the Western Cape, our warehousing services will ensure that your space offers everything that you need. Our services include:

This is one of the most important factors in the search for your warehouse space. Although we are able to offer clients industrial space anywhere in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape, it is important that we know the exact specifications and requirements that each and every customer has.

Although we offer a plethora of warehousing services and space to both rent and buy, often businesses have extremely unique requests and needs. In such cases, if the client does not find a suitable warehouse space, we will build an energy efficient warehouse to their specification. We have a talented warehousing services team including design and construction, to manage the entire process with you or for you. There are a number of upcoming commercial developments, view the listings here.

Often businesses grow out of their space. They either, expand as a business and employ new staff, or they require their own space instead of renting or sharing with other companies. Buying warehouse space offers greater opportunities. As part of our warehousing services, we have access to a number of small, medium and large industrial properties, giving you a national footprint. View all our sales listings here.

This is more often than not the more popular option amongst companies. Having suitable warehouse space, goes without saying however having the flexibility to rent for months or years at a time, doesn’t tie the business down to one area. Find A Warehouse offers warehousing services that assist companies in renting an appropriate warehouse space in either Gauteng, KZN or Western Cape, for as long as need be. View our rental listings here.

A company’s target market often defines the area in which a company will reside. Should our clients not find suitable warehouse space in the areas available, our internal team, together with a network of property brokers assist companies in finding the perfect location for building their energy efficient warehouse. Regardless of whether a client would like to rent or buy warehouse space on this new property, our warehousing services will tick all your warehouse property boxes. View all our vacant land listings here.

Our warehouse services offer property experts that have taken on various tasks and requirements over the years. We ensure that no matter how large or complicated your unique needs may be, we are able to meet your demands and exceed your expectations, quickly and efficiently.

Looking for the right warehouse property can be a challenging task, especially if your business has unique needs. From access points to roof heights and internal office space, your requirements might make trying to find a warehouse space, extremely challenging. With years of experience in property and warehousing, and access to our substantial database of warehousing areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KZN and Western Cape, Find a Warehouse will locate or build a warehouse to your exact specs.

With the option to rent, buy or build a warehouse, we will endeavor to find a warehouse space to fit your budget. At Find A Warehouse, we have expert brokers that will ensure we find a warehouse that offers you exactly what you are looking for.

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